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How Does The Guarantee-Sale Program Work?

Homebuyer Visit
A Homestead agent will meet with you at your home and will explain the Guarantee Sale program. The agent will tour your home and discuss our marketing program and ideas.

Homestead will arrange to have your existing home appraised by an independent professional appraiser, at Homestead's expense. The appraisal content will be shared and discussed with you and your new home sales consultant.

The appraisal, property review, and market knowledge of Homestead REALTORS will form the basis for the guarantee offer. A Guarantee Sale Contract will be executed with you, and the property will be listed and marketing efforts will begin.

Once the Guarantee Sale Contract is executed, an inspection will be ordered at the homeowner's expense. If the inspection report discloses repair items, an Amendment to the Contract will be executed requiring you, the homeowner, to make the necessary corrections in order for the process to continue.

How Do We Get Started?
Introduction to Our Program
Your build rep will discuss the benefits of listing your existing home with F. C. Tucker and the merits of the Guarantee Sale. You will then need to complete an application.

What is the Cost to Participate in the Program?
There is no inital cost to the homebuyer to pursue a guarantee-sale proposal from Homestead. The Builder will be charged a Guarantee fee based on the HUD sale price of the newly constructed home, payable to Homestead at the closing of the new home.

Guarantee-Sale Offer Expectations
Homestead arrives at your guarantee-sale offer based upon an interpretation of the following information:

Market Analysis
Homestead's REALTOR professional will analyze the resale home market in your community and surrounding areas based upon list prices, length of time on market, and sale prices of comparative homes. They will review homes currently on the market and homes that have recently closed within the past year. This information will form the nucleus of the opinion on your home's valuation.

Your home is appraised by an independent professional to compliment the market analysis opinion of the value of your property. The offer will be based on a percent of the appraised value.

Subtracted from the guarantee offer will be certain costs normally associated with selling your home with the F. C. Tucker Company.

Following is a simple guarantee offer proposal based on an appraised value of $100,000 for your home:

Acquisition price $95,000
Less itemized charges:  
Real estate commission @ 7% (6,650)
Prorated real estate taxes (1,000)
Owner's title insurance (600)
Deed and affidavit (120)
Closing costs FHA,VA (895)
Net acquisition proceeds to seller prior to mortgage payoff $85,735