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A Builder's Guide to Selling the Program to Customers

The Guarantee-Sale
The guarantee-sale is an insurance policy in the event the buyer's home is not sold at the time their newly constructed home is complete.

The guarantee-sale is a "win-win" program for the customer. Their home will be listed at a value sufficiently higher than the guarantee buyout price. In most instances, the customer's home will be sold during the marketing period at a price greater than the guarantee. In the event Homestead acquires the home, the customer still realizes maximum market value.

With the guarantee-sale, the customer can have the construction of their new home started immediately and can move into the home much sooner. By delaying the start of construction, the customer is subjected to potential pricing increases and the uncertainty of long-term fluctuations in mortgage interest rates.

Homestead is independent from the builder and is the only local "company" formed exclusively to facilitate the transition from existing home ownership to ownership in a new home in the greater metropolitan Indianapolis market. Homestead's group of professional REALTORS and their financial services are unparallel in career achievements and reputation! Their professional approach with an independent appraisal (at their expense), and consistent guarantee-purchase prices near that appraisal are second to none in the GBO environment. With multiple owners, there is always someone available to answer your questions.

F.C. Tucker Company, Inc.
Each member of Homestead Guarantees is an agent for the F.C. Tucker Company, Inc. F. C. Tucker is the largest residential real estate sales organization in Indiana.

F. C. Tucker Company, Inc. is one of the top five multi-office companies in America measured by agent productivity. F. C. Tucker has the leading Relocation and Referral Network in the country.

The Homestead REALTOR® Professionals
• Almost 200 years combined residential real estate sales experience

Independent Professional Appraisal
Homestead has an independent appraisal performed on each customer's home to assist in the formulation of the guarantee offer and to add credibility to the guarantee program endorsed by the Builder.

The appraisal is completed at no cost to the customer and is reviewed with the customer.

Cost to the Customer
The only cost to the customer of pursuing a guarantee-sale contract with Homestead is that of the inspection ($395.00) after the customer has accepted a guarantee offer from Homestead

The inspection benefits the customer by exposing potential issues with the home that could negatively impact its value. Any issue disclosed in the inspection must be addressed by the in order to continue with the GBO process.